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Welcome to the website that’s designed with the prospective subject of human research in mind! A good place to start would be Introduction and/or Basics.

A human research prospect (prospective human research subject) can be thought of as a person who considers or is identified for possible involvement in human research as a participant or subject. "Paid" participation is generally permissible if "payment" is limited to reimbursement for time and trouble. Payment in excess of time and trouble raises the issue of potential coercion.

Not all prospects who participate in human research necessarily volunteer. For example, records research with investigator access to existing identifiable private information about living persons. Such research is exempt from federal protection policy if the investigator records the information in such a manner that subjects cannot be identified, directly or through identifiers linked to the subjects.

Furthermore, not all true volunteers (aware and willing) will necessarily be found eligible based on study criteria. In general, eligible volunteers for nonexempt research are informed of risks and other matters, in compliance with applicable requirements, prior to solicitation of consent for participation. Some nonexempt research may be reviewed and approved that waives some or all elements of informed consent.

History of current research protection ethics includes what is called the Belmont Report. Perceptions about research protections can be tested by taking a short Quiz.

Many research institutions provide online outreach efforts to their respective communities. These outreach efforts aim to provide helpful information to those who may be interested in research participation. Some institutions have chosen to include a link to this website in their outreach efforts.

The following press release identifies several entities, including research institutions, that elected to link to this website during its first year of operation: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/06/prweb532125.htm. Please consult the press release for details.

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This website sincerely aims to be of help to those who consider participation in research (medical or otherwise). Its creation was neither undertaken at the behest of nor in exchange for offers from others (including funding). Its content results from GRS authorship and/or decisions. The Founder of GetResearchSmart LLC possesses twenty years of related experience (see Founder). Any collaborations entered into will serve the stated aim.

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